Cave de la Côte
Swiss Winery of the year 2019
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Swiss Fine Wine?

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  1. gbesse's picture Gilles (1'530 points) Professional
  2. Myriam's picture Myriam Broggi (MSS 1987) (1'012 points) Professional ASSP Suisse
  3. Guest's picture Jef (935 points) Enthusiast
  4. Anonymous (555 points) Amateur
  5. Anonymous (386 points) Amateur
  6. cbergmaier's picture Anonymous (309 points) Enthusiast
  7. Demo's picture Henri amateur de vins suisses (260 points) Enthusiast
  8. Davide (236 points) Professional
  9. Daniele Gaudiello's picture Daniele G (211 points) Enthusiast ASSP Suisse
  10.'s picture Anne B. (195 points) Enthusiast ASSP Suisse

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