Marsanne Blanche

Ermitage, Hermitage

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Marsanne Blanche
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Traditional (prior 1900)
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Originating in the Rhone valley (F), and named after a village near Montelimar in the Drôme region, Marsanne was introduced to Sion in the Valais region around 1845, where it was preserved under the name of Ermitage or Hermitage, in reference to the famous vineyard at Drôme. DNA tests suggest that Marsanne is a parent or an offspring of Roussanne. Ripening in mid-season, Marsanne is highly productive, with large bunches, but it is susceptible to fungal disease. In Switzerland, it is practically only grown in Valais, where it gives dry or sweet wines, with an aroma of raspberry liqueur, that can be stored for a long time.

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