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1. Imprint

Swiss Fine Wine© is a registered trademark in Bern and belongs to Swiss Fine Trade© Sàrl, Route de Vevey 84, 1618 Châtel St-Denis, Switzerland.

The company can be contacted at the following address: contact [at] swissfinewine [dot] ch is hosted in Switzerland.

2. Who we are

Swiss Fine Wine is a complete multilingual site about the best Swiss wineries and wines selected by the aggregation of experts listings. Join us to discover, visit, taste, Swiss wines in Switzerland or anywhere in the world.

We are a private initiative dedicated to promote, explain and discuss the wines Swiss purposes. Our site is intended for individuals, wine enthusiasts, professionals and businesses such as restaurants, hotels and retailers who want to learn more about Swiss wines.

3. Swiss Fine Wine community rules

By joining the community of people interested in Swiss fine wines, you accept the rules of the community dialogue at Swiss Fine Wine. The dialogue has been established to encourage the exchange of information about Swiss wines and activities in relations with Swiss wines.

Blogs and comments on the memento of the site pages are open to all. Members are invited to participate, provided they meet some basic rules of courtesy.

We inform you that the discussions on these pages are subject to moderation. Critics and various expressions of disagreement have their place here; but insults, personal attacks, off topic or intrusive discussions will be deleted. Moderators reserve the right to block or exclude participants who do not comply with the above rules.

When you participate for the first time in a dialogue, a moderator will validate your site registration which can take a few hours depending on the season, once you are recognized as a participant your follow up comments will be published immediately.

Thank you for respecting the other members of the group and we hope to see you become an active participant on our sites.

4. Reservations for content and responsibilities

Swiss Fine Wine website is an information site that seeks to give an overview of Swiss fine wines and create links between producers and consumers.

The sources are diverse; they are essentially the synthesis performed by our researchers between company sites, associations and our own investigations.

Despite our efforts a one hundred per cent sure information is not possible. For example, wine-tasting notes regardless of the year can lead to unintended differences. Recording the changing presence of Swiss wines in tasting venues abroad or even in Switzerland is difficult to guarantee. Finally, the site includes many links to other sites and it is possible that some become obsolete or inappropriate.

We invite you to send us your comments or observations on the errors you might find at: contact [at] swissfinewine [dot] ch.

Memento items are written under the direct responsibility of their authors, guests of Swiss Fine Wine, but their positions do not engage Swiss Fine Wine. The website reserves the right to moderate.

5. Registration and restrictions on the use of your personal data

By registering on the site Swiss Fine Wine you become part of a community of people interested in Swiss wines.

For transparency we ask members to identify themselves even though they appear under a nickname to the community.

The exact address is not revealed to other members. Only the country, city of residence and quality are of interest to the community.

The addresses of the members are strictly in Swiss Fine Wine hands and are not disclosed to third parties.

The collected profiles are used strictly to know the community and its interests in connection with the discovery of Swiss wines.

Swiss Fine Wine reserves the right to contact members to share news about the site and its content.

6. Contest participation

Swiss Fine Wine will entertain the community with games or contests that have their own rules (conditions, validity, etc ...), we invite you to read them case by case.

7. Evolution of the terms of use

We have at heart to maintain a friendly and humane tone for the site. But the site will evolve and so will regulations, it is therefore possible that we may have to modify the terms of use. You will be duly informed and we will ask you to renew your agreement to modified conditions.

We hope you enjoy reading the site.

The Publisher

Châtel St Denis, Switzerland, October 10th 2014

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Swiss Fine Wine is a comprehensive and multilingual website about the finest Swiss wineries and wines selected through the aggregated lists of experts. Joins us to discover, visit, taste, pair, Swiss wines in Switzerland or anywhere in the world.

This is a private initiative dedicated to promote, explain and discuss Swiss Fine Wines. We cater to the curiosity and needs of private individuals, wine amateurs, enthusiasts, professionals as well as companies such as restaurants, hotels and distributors who wish to learn more about fine Swiss wines.