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Bündner Herrschaft, the rise of a noble county

The small wine region of the Bündner Herrschaft (Graubünden) which also happens to be land of Heidi has continuously gained momentum in the past years. Wine lovers have not only discovered its wines, but also their prices which are on average higher than those produced in the Southwestern part of Switzerland. We asked ourselves if it was due to the relative proximity of the rich metropolis of Zurich, ultimately we found out that if you consider the quality, there are still pretty good bargains available in the Graubünden.

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Walking through the Buendner Herrschaft's vineyards (Graubunden)

This wonderful walk is only one hour away by train from Zurich or Davos and only minutes away form Bad-Ragaz. The Bündner Herrschaft wine region is situated in a larger area known as Heidiland, which was made popular by Johanna Spyri's novel. Walking through the quiet vineyards dominated by the Graubünden Mountains is a delight. The walk is easy and they are many stops along the trail to taste the local wines including their world famous Pinot Noir

Distance: 6 Km, duration: 1h 20 minutes (non stop), difference in levels: upward 100 meters and downward 160 meters, difficulty: easy walk.

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Let Gian Carlo take you out to the Bündner Herrschaft

Gian Carlo Casparis grew up in the Bündner Herrschaft (Heidi Land) region and has been in close contact with local vintners and their products throughout his childhood. No wonder why anyone who has had the chance to follow his steps through the vineyards and wineries is bewildered, he knows every one in town and every stone on the path...

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Walking through La Côte vineyards (Féchy-Vaud)

On the edge of Lake Geneva, between Geneva and Lausanne, the rolling hills of La Cote invite you to wander quietly in the vineyards. Discover the charms of the area between Aubonne and Rolle. Enjoy this amazingly scenic trail from which you will be able to see the Mont Blanc on a clear day. In each village you will find spots to taste the local Chasselas and Gamay wines.

Location: situated half way between Lausanne and Geneva (about 25 minutes by train), start: Aubonne bus stop, end: Rolle train station, distance: 6.5 kilometres, duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (non stop), difference in levels: upward 50 meters and downward 150 meters, difficulty: easy walking.

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A hidden gem, the Bielersee vineyards

The Bielersee region includes 80 wineries spread over 3 main areas; the overall surface is only 220 hectares (550 acres). Schernelz and Twann are located in the largest of the three areas of Bielersee wine region, which is situated on the north shore of the lake, in the foothills of the Jura. The second wine area is located southeast of the lake, and includes the villages of Erlach, Gampelen and Ins. The third, more confidential, is located on St. Peter’s peninsula, somehow in the middle of the lake. It is a nice walk and the place is known having hosted the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

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01 Oct


A tour in the Swiss vineyards (video)

End of 2013, Photographer and Film Director Patricia von Ah was contracted by Swiss Wine Promotion to create 6 documentaries of 6-7 minutes, in order to present the different Swiss wine regions. From North to South, from East to West, Patricia von Ah brings us on the discovery of Helvetic wines.

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