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Walking through the Lavaux-UNESCO vineyards (Vaud)

​​Located just one hour away from Geneva by train and 15 minutes from Lausanne or Vevey-Montreux, the vineyards of Lavaux have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites since 2007. Take a stroll through its 10'0000 terraces of vines, enjoy the fascinating landscape and breathtaking view over lake Geneva. They are plenty of opportunities on the trail to stop and taste wines from the local grape known as Chasselas.

Location: 15 minutes by train West from Lausanne, start: Cully train station, end: Rivaz train station, distance: 5.7 kilometers, duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (non stop), difference in levels: upward 214 meters and downward 225 meters, difficulty: easy walk


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Bündner Herrschaft, the rise of a noble county

The small wine region of the Bündner Herrschaft (Graubünden) which also happens to be land of Heidi has continuously gained momentum in the past years. Wine lovers have not only discovered its wines, but also their prices which are on average higher than those produced in the Southwestern part of Switzerland. We asked ourselves if it was due to the relative proximity of the rich metropolis of Zurich, ultimately we found out that if you consider the quality, there are still pretty good bargains available in the Graubünden.

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Daniel Marugg the quiet force

Daniel Marugg received us in his cellar, located in the small town of Fläsch in an area called "Bovel". The man exudes a calm and reassuring serenity. Deeply convinced by the regions high potential for great wines, he summarizes "If you have the will and the talent, anyone can produce great wines in the Graubünden"... 

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Irene Grünenfelder, the charm and strength of the oak (Eichholz Weingut)

Irene Grünenfelder grew up in the Albula region (Graubünden), she has been a teacher in Arosa and a journalist in Geneva before becoming a self-taught and passionate winemaker. It was during a trip to Burgundy and a visit to Lignier Hubert, owner of Clos de la Roche Morey St. Denis in Côte de Nuits, that she became passionate about the Pinot Noir.

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