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Walking through the vineyards in Weinfelden (Thurgau)

World-class wines are made in Thurgau. As you walk discover a superb landscape in a region located between Zurich and the Bodensee. From the path above the vineyards you will enjoy a fabulous view over the Alps on a clear day while walking next to the vineyards that produce renowned Pinot Noirs. The Bachtobel castle alone is worth the trail.

Location: 1 hour by train North East from Zurich, start: Weinfelden train station, end: Ottoberg-Märstetten train station, distance: 6.7 Km, duration: 2 hours (non stop), difference in levels: 160 meters upwards and 170 meters downwards, difficulty: easy walking

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Walking through the vineyards between Sierre and Salgesh (Valais)

The wine trail between Salgesh and Sierre, is an educative and family oriented trail. It is well sign posted and accessible all year round. The trail follows small access roads in the vineyards with very low traffic, it passes through winemakers neighborhoods and the beautiful natural site of the Raspille gorge. 80 explanatory panels are posted along the trail. They highlight the features of the landscape, the various grape varieties, techniques and history of the vineyard.

Location: 1 hour 30 minutes by train East from Lausanne or Bern, start: Salgesh train station, ends: Sierre train station, distance: 5.6 Km, duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (non stop), difference in levels: 110 meters upwards and 120 meters downwards, difficulty: easy walking.

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Walking through the Mandement vineyards (Geneva)

At the western tip of Switzerland, where the Jura Mountains and the Alps meet lies a lovely vineyard. It is only 15 minutes away by train from the international city of Geneva. The region is picturesque with the Salève Mountain in the background. The dominant local grapes are the white Chasselas and red Gamay. Along a lovely trail you will find places to stop and taste local wines.

Location: 15 minutes by train West from Geneva, start: Satigny train station, ends: Russin train station, distance: 7.6 Km, duration: 2h minutes (non stop), difference in levels: upward 100 meters and downward 140 meters, difficulty: easy walking

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Swiss Wines on the Bund in Shanghai

The Mid-Autumn Festival in China celebrates the harvest time. For chinese people, this event is almost as important as the Chinese New Year, it also is the second most important holiday of the year. On this occasion Philippe Huser, owner of Napa Wine Bar in Shanghai, shipped 6000 bottles of Swiss wine which will be proposed to his customers on the Bund. 

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