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Let Gian Carlo take you out to the Bündner Herrschaft

Gian Carlo Casparis grew up in the Bündner Herrschaft (Heidi Land) region and has been in close contact with local vintners and their products throughout his childhood. No wonder why anyone who has had the chance to follow his steps through the vineyards and wineries is bewildered, he knows every one in town and every stone on the path...

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Vincent Debergé, Head of the Restaurant le Chat Botté and Head Sommelier at the Beau Rivage Palace, in Geneva

Vincent Debergé is a young French and talented sommelier with a professional dream carrier. He enthusiastically talks about his journey. He recalls with affection his guides and mentors who helped him paint a dream goal and gave him the love for the job. Vincent explains he is not an Obelix who fell into a wine cask when he was young. He details that in the Basque region, where he spent his childhood, balancing your life is the main activity. A days is simply spent playing “pelota”, eating good local food and drinking regional wines. The wine was always part of his life.

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Fabio Masi, Director of Il Lago Restaurant and Head Sommelier at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, in Geneva.

Fabio Masi is a world-renowned sommelier. He owes it to his natural elegance, precision, a charismatic personality and a unique smile. The sommelier regularly attends competitions around the world. He competes by passion and a desire to constantly improve, again and again. This tough expert is eager to specialize and refine his knowledge of wine regions around the world, as well as all imaginable spirits. In these very high level competitions, he appreciates the friendly and constructive dialogue he maintains with his pairs in this elite world of wine.

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Walking through La Côte vineyards (Féchy-Vaud)

On the edge of Lake Geneva, between Geneva and Lausanne, the rolling hills of La Cote invite you to wander quietly in the vineyards. Discover the charms of the area between Aubonne and Rolle. Enjoy this amazingly scenic trail from which you will be able to see the Mont Blanc on a clear day. In each village you will find spots to taste the local Chasselas and Gamay wines.

Location: situated half way between Lausanne and Geneva (about 25 minutes by train), start: Aubonne bus stop, end: Rolle train station, distance: 6.5 kilometres, duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (non stop), difference in levels: upward 50 meters and downward 150 meters, difficulty: easy walking.

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