The 99 chasselas to drink before you die

The 99 chasselas to drink before you dieConceived and written by: Jerome Aké Beda, distinguished sommelier at Auberge de l'Onde in Saint Saphorin, and Pierre-Emmanuel Buss, journalist with the Swiss newspaper “Le Temps”. Editions Favre published the book in 2014.

By | November 8, 2014


Chasselas is a great variety. Yet must it be said loud and clear to let it be known. A difficult step for Swiss winemakers who struggle to put themselves forward. The challenge is even more difficult due to the fact that the grapes are more typical from the French-speaking wine region and face a significant image deficit. Frequently uprooted, it is too often confined to the ungrateful role of “quaffer” with fondue and raclette as only gastronomic opportunities.

The selection of 99 exceptional chasselas from all over Switzerland, often including older vintages, aims to change that perception. But chasselas must be deserved. During its vinification in the cellar it forgives nothing. The smallest error is immediately noticeable during oenological tasting. By harnessing this challenging grape the Swiss winemakers have owned the nickname of wine goldsmiths. The parallel with watchmaking, another national specialty, is also often mentioned. 

This book is accessible to everyone; it portrays 99 chasselas wines and their authors. It encompasses anecdotes about the chasselas, tasting notes and winery portraits, all with many illustrations. This is a reference book on chasselas that should be on every Swiss wine lover’s bookshelf.