Robert Parker rated Chasselas wines for the first time

For the first time, Robert Parker's magazine rates Swiss white wines, namely the Chasselas (or Fendant) produced mainly in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Stephan Reinhardt the appointed critic of this famous and important institution in the world of wine, "Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate", tasted a hundred of our Chasselas - 20 got 87 points and more. The winning estate of this tasting is the Domaine Louis Bovard in Cully.

In November 2014, Stephan Reinhardt tasted and noted Pinot Noir and Chasselas, the two emblematic vines of Switzerland. For the Chasselas or Fendant, Stephan Reinhardt blindly tasted 95 different wines and retained more than 40. For the vast majority of wines, the vintage was 2013. But Stephan Reinhardt also discovered the immense potential of aging Chasselas / Fendant. He rated vintages such as 1992, 2000, 2003 and 2005 of the domain Bovard. The tasting notes clearly demonstrate the aging quality of this indigenous grape variety. Stephan Reinhardt also wrote about the Louis Bovard Estate: "I also visited Monsieur Louis-Philippe Bovard and his exceptional estate. He is the best ambassador of Lavaux that I can recommend "

Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate is one of the most influential wine critics in the world. Stephan Reinhardt is responsible for Switzerland in RObert Parker's team and he has tasted Pinot Noirs and Chasselas produced in all wine regions of Switzerland, but off course the list is non exhaustive.


Chasselas wines and Parker points

92 Dézaley Médinette 2003 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

92 Dézaley Médinette 2000 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

90 Dézaley Médinette 2013 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

89+ Calamin Cuvée Ilex 2013 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

89+ Chemin de Fer 2013 Luc Massy, Epesses (VD)

89 CHS 2013 Christophe Schenk, Villeneuve (VD)

89 Dézaley Médinette 1992 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

89 Epesses Terre à Boire 2013 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

88+ Chasselas Amphore 2013 Anne Müller, Yvorne (VD)

88 Aigle Cuvée Noé 2013 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

88+ Dézaley Haut de Pierre 2013 Blaise Duboux, Epesses (VD)

88 Mont de Vaux 2012 Henri Cruchon, Morges (VD)

88 Clos de la Malettaz 2013 Jean-René Germanier, Vétroz (VS)

87+ Chasselas 2013 Anne Müller, Yvorne (VD)

87+ Château de Vinzel 2013 Château de Vinzel, Vinzel (VD)

87+ Saint-Saphorin L’Eglise 2012 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

87+ Dézaley Médinette 2005 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

87 Vase 10 2013 Mermetus, Aran-sur-Villette (VD)

87 Saint-Saphorin L’Archevesque 2013 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

87 Neuchâtel Blanc 2013 Château d’Auvernier (NE)

87 Fendant Président Troillet 2013 Marie-Thérèse Chappaz, Fully (VS)

86+ Château Maison-Blanche 2013 Yvorne (VD)

86+ Dézaley 1er GC La Gueniettaz 2013 Christophe Chappuis, Rivaz (VD)

86+ Balavaud 2013 Jean-René Germanier, Vétroz (VS)

86 Champanel 2013 Henri Cruchon, Morges (VD)

86 Fendant de Martigny 2013 Gérald Besse, Martigny (VS)

86 Petit Clos 2013 La Colombe, Féchy (VD)

86 Fendant de Sion Réserve Spéciale 2013 Provins, Sion (VS)

86 Château de Châtagneréaz 1er GC 2013 Schenk, Mont-sur-Rolle (VD)

85+ Domaine de Autecour 1er GC 2013, Mont-sur-Rolle (VD)

85 Luins Collection Chandra Kurt 2013 Bolle, Morges (VD)

84+ Chasselas de Fichillien 2013 Cru de l’Hôpital, Môtier-Vully (FR)

84+ Château de Vufflens 2013 Bolle, Morges (VD)

84+ Féchy Collection Chandra Kurt 2013 Bolle, Morges (VD)

84 Cuvée 62 2013 Chantal Ritter-Cochand, Le Landeron (NE)

84 Domaine du Martheray 2013, Féchy (VD)

83 Chasselas 2013 Domaine des Molards, Russin (GE)


Other wines by Bovard

90 Chenin Blanc Salix 2012 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

88 Dézaley Rouge 2012 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

87 Buxus Sauvignon Blanc 2012 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)

86 Cuvée Louis (Pinot Noir -Merlot – Syrah) 2012 L.-P. Bovard, Cully (VD)