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Walking through the vineyards of Saillon (Valais)

This walk takes you into the legend of Farinet, the famous counterfeiter who was buried in the village of Saillon. Called the Robin Hood of the Alps, he was figured as a benefactor of the poor and as a hero for the Valais folk. You will discover the wolrd’s smallest vineyard registered, located above the village, with only three vine stocks.

Location: 24 minutes by bus North-East from Martigny, start: Saillon, Place Farinet, end: Saillon, Place Farinet, distance: 8 kilometers, duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes (non stop), difference in levels: 419 meters upwards and downwards, difficulty: moderate

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Walking through the vineyards of Bonvillars (Vaud)

Small appellation of the Nord Vaudois region, Bonvillars includes some 190 hectares of vineyards around the towns of Yverdon and Grandson. This educational trail on the theme of the vine, the vineyard and the wine is the perfect opportunity to discover the wine heritage of this region. A stroll through the harmonious landscapes, on the idyllic shores of Lake Neuchâtel.

Situation : 20 minutes by bus from Yverdon or 10 minutes from Grandson, start: Bonvillars, La Cour, end: Bonvillars, La Cour, distance: 2.6 kilometers, duration: 50 minutes, difference in levels: 60 meters upwards and downwards, difficulty : easy walk


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Vineglorious! Switzerland’s Wondrous World of Wines, by Ellen Wallace

Vineglorious ! celebrates the world of contemporary fine Swiss wines, from ancient native grape varieties to Switzerland’s extraordinary geography and the handiwork of skilled artisans.

Ellen Wallace is an American journalist established in Switzerland, who embraced the project of explaining Swiss wines to the Anglo Saxon community; her book Vineglorious is a compilation of short and pleasant stories about Swiss wines. The opposite of a boring encyclopedia and yet it is fairly comprehensive, pleasantly written, elegantly designed and well illustrated. While reading it you will learn about the grapes, the terroirs and the swiss wine culture. This book is a lovely Christmas gift for wine lovers. (JFG - sommelier @ swiss fine wine)


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Walking through the Mendrisiotto vineyards (Ticino)

The Mendrisiotto is the southernmost vineyard of Switzerland. Take a tour of the hills above Mendrisio to Castel San Pietro and discover the vineyards and its old towns. Stroll amid rows of vines, renowned for producing a refined Merlot. And let the magnificent panoramas amaze you.

Location: 20 minutes by train South of Lugano, start: Mendrisio train station, end: Mendrisio train station, distance : 8 km, duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (non stop), difference in levels : 225 meters upwards and 236 meters downwards, difficulty: moderate


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