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The founder is an immigrant from Switzerland. He came to Wisconsin for his graduate degree, and remained in the US afterward. Although not a wine professional by background, the founder grew up in the heart of one of the most famous Swiss wine regions and is no stranger to the Swiss wine industry. He has personally known some of our suppliers since his childhood and knows that they are reliable and take great pride in consistently delivering excellent wines year after year. The US market for Swiss wines is growing as more and more consumers become exposed to them. Wine writers and magazines are starting to notice their presence in the market as national distribution, while still limited, is growing. At this time, our wines are available in the following states: Arkansas, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, and Wisconsin. Producers Adrian Mathier Nouveau Salquenen Angelo Delea Association Viticole d'Ollon Brauerei Locher Cave au Soleil Levant Cave Cidis Cave de La Côte Diwisa Distillerie Domaine Chatelanat Domaine E. de Montmollin Fils Domaine Vin du Diable Jean-René Germanier La Baudelière Les Frères Dubois Provins Valais René Favre & Fils Rouvinez Vins St. Jodern Kellerei
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Swiss Fine Wine is a comprehensive and multilingual website about the finest Swiss wineries and wines selected through the aggregated lists of experts. Joins us to discover, visit, taste, pair, Swiss wines in Switzerland or anywhere in the world.

This is a private initiative dedicated to promote, explain and discuss Swiss Fine Wines. We cater to the curiosity and needs of private individuals, wine amateurs, enthusiasts, professionals as well as companies such as restaurants, hotels and distributors who wish to learn more about fine Swiss wines.