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Bruxelles, Belgium

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Saveurs Suisses (BE)

Avenue Orbon 100
1150 Bruxelles


At a time when consumer do not know what to choose as they face a profusion of wine offers from around the world, I have deliberately chosen to specialize in a microscopic vineyard on the world scale but where the term quality is not a vain word.   In the past Swiss wines were better known for its fendants and doles, nowadays the Swiss wines surprises even the critics and skeptics by its diversity of native varieties and by its indisputable qualities. Producers: Bernunes, Cave des Besse, Gérald Bonvin, Charles Brivio, Guido Cave Chanton Celliers de Sion Chambleau, Domaine de Chappaz, Marie-Thérèse Cidis, Cave Constantin, Thierry Davaz De la Côte, Cave Duboux, Blaise Dupont, Bernard Etter Favre, René Germanier Jean-René Gialdi Maye, Simon Novelle Jean-Michel Rochette, Domaine La Tamborini Tilleuls, Cave des Tornale, Cave la Valloton, Henri Varone Vieux Moulin, Cave du Wegelin, Peter
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