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3, The Grove
BD10 9JS Idle, West Yorkshire
Great Britain


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Nick Dobson Wines was founded at the end of 2002 by Nick Dobson, and in 2012 passed on to Joelle Nebbe-Mornod. In order to make our focus clearer we have renamed ourselves "Alpine Wines" in 2014 and have launched a new site to service the UK. Wine connects people around the table, and across the world, connects people to the past and the future, across generations. Wine was a miracle to humankind, for centuries: preserving calories, safer than water, full of exhuberant flavours when flavours were few and far between, and bringing merriment. I believe that if we sit together, eat together and talk together, we can flourish together.
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This is a private initiative dedicated to promote, explain and discuss Swiss Fine Wines. We cater to the curiosity and needs of private individuals, wine amateurs, enthusiasts, professionals as well as companies such as restaurants, hotels and distributors who wish to learn more about fine Swiss wines.