The Chasselas from Féchy to Dézaley, by Chandra Kurt

By | April 12, 2015


Designed and written by Chandra Kurt, a German Swiss journalist, polyglot, who has published two dozen books on wine. The book “Chasselas from Féchy to Dézaley” was published in 2014 at Orell Füssli.

In this book, Chandra Kurt, a Swiss author known for her publications on wine, and Louis-Philippe Bovard, a legendary figure in the “Vaudois” vineyards, were interested in the Chasselas grape variety. The book talks about its history, its character, its charm, its origin and style (with its light aroma) that is not always easy to understand in a world where wines are becoming more and more extraverted. Grown around the world, Chasselas is ,ore often enjoyed as a table grape. Such is not the case in Switzerland, where it is the main white grape, especially along Lake Geneva where it was born.

"Chasselas is like Chanel - timeless, elegant, feminine and classic. Great simplicity while being the source of high fashion," says Chandra Kurt. Although the Chasselas often reveals itself modestly, it offers exceptional and of considerable power.

Chasselas - Féchy to Dézaley is not only a book about wine, but also a true compilation bringing together traditional recipes of the lake Geneva region. They are easy to prepare and pair perfectly with the Chasselas.

The illustrations in this book are from the book “The Great Year of the Winemaker” by Paul Boesch, published in 1935 by Editions “du Verseau”.  The illustrations consist of twelve woodcuts (black and white and colour) showing the daily work in the vineyards. The book is also illustrated with current photographs by Patricia von Ah, photographer.

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