The Landscape of Swiss Wine, a book by Sue Style

The book Landscape of Swiss Wine was written to introduces wine-lovers and readers to Switzerland’s wines and the extraordinary landscapes that give rise to them. The British wine writer Sue Style explores how vine cultivation has shaped the landscape down the centuries, and introduces the reader to Switzerland’s best winemakers.

The Landscape of Swiss Wine by British and Alsace based wine writer, Sue Style, published by Bergli Books in Basel is the latest book to be published on Swiss wines in English. Sue Style knowledge and authority on wine is undisputed. She wrote this comprehensive guide to Swiss wine and vineyards which features Switzerland's finest vintages 50 domains across the six main wine regions. It includes information and tips on tasting visits, walking and sightseeing as well as wines to watch out for.

The book is already getting great reviews

‘Sue Style is the best person to convince English-speaking readers and wine-lovers of the extraordinary quality and amazing diversity of Swiss wines.’
Gilles Besse, oenologist, co-owner at Domaine Jean-René Germanier

‘If you would like to learn more about the treasury of Swiss wines, its spectacular landscapes, unique grape varieties and different cultures, you can’t find any better and more comprehensive book than Sue Style’s long-awaited Landscape of Swiss Wines.’ 
Stephan Reinhardt, Reviewer, The Wine Advocate

‘Switzerland's wine scene is one of Europe's gastronomic treasures… a sure-handed guide is essential. Here it is.’
Andrew Jefford, wine writer

Swiss wines are barely known outside Switzerland, but this is set to change with Sue Style's beautifully written and richly illustrated book.' 
Amy Wislocki, Managing Editor, Decanter

‘This book is an inviting door-opener to the secret wine culture of Switzerland.’
Chandra Kurt, wine writer, author and consultant

"Sue Style gives a marvellous description of the vinous and cultural treasures she has discovered in Switzerland." 
François Murisier, Président, Conseil Artistique de la Fête des Vignerons 2019


You can order now for SFR 34.90 or Bergli Books, Steinentorstrasse 11, CH-4010 Basel, +41 61 278 98 33


More about the book and the publisher


About the book

The Landscape of Swiss Wine, author Sue Style, publisher Bergli Books, ISBN: 978-3-03869-057-3,  CHF 34.90

Order here: or Bergli Books, Steinentorstrasse 11, CH-4010 Basel, +41 61 278 98 33

  • A comprehensive guide to Swiss wine and vineyards
  • An authoritative survey of Switzerland’s finest vintages
  • Featuring 50 vineyards from Switzerland’s six main wine regions
  • Including information on tasting visits, walking and sightseeing
  • ‘Wines to watch out for’ point towards the best wines to taste and to purchase


About the author

Originally from Yorkshire Sue Style lived and worked in Spain, France, Mexico and Switzerland, she is now based in southern Alsace. Author of 9 books, the latest about Switzerland's finest farmhouse cheeses. She is a freelance for anyone who'll buy her articles (FT Weekend, Decanter, France Mag, Culture Cheese Mag et al) plus she gives cooking workshops and leads bespoke vineyard tours in Alsace and Baden (just across the Rhine).


About the publisher

Since 1988, Bergli Books has been publishing books in Switzerland that bridge intercultural gaps. Its mostly-English list focuses on the cultural diversity, rich history and cultural attitudes and values of the Swiss, and their interactions with international people living in Switzerland.

In 2013 Bergli became an imprint of Basel-based Schwabe AG (now Schwabe Verlagsgruppe), the oldest publishing company in the world, founded in 1488. Richard Harvell (photo below) took over as Executive Editor of Bergli from founder Dianne Dicks in January 2014.

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