Walking through Martigny vineyards (Valais)

The path of the vineyards of Martigny invites you to a walk of a special kind. This culinary excursion starts from the city center to the castle of Bâtiaz and Plan-Cerisier hamlet.


  • Localisation: 5 minutes from Martigny city center
  • Start: Pont de la Bâtiaz
  • Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Distance: 5.7 km
  • Difference in levels: 206 meters upwards and 214 meters downwards
  • Difficulty: easy walk
  • Ends: Pont de la Bâtiaz


Points of interest

  • Chateau de la Batiaz: when the blue flag flies on the tower, it means you can visit this castle (for free)
  • Mazot-Museum of Plan-Cerisier
  • Museum and dogs of Saint-Bernard
  • Fondation Pierre Giannada
  • Martigny la Romaine: amphithéâtre, domus, mithraeum, temenos, tepidarium, thermes


Wine store and tasting places






Hotels and B&B


*The list is not exhaustive