Walking through the Mendrisiotto vineyards (Ticino)

The Mendrisiotto is the southernmost vineyard of Switzerland. Take a tour of the hills above Mendrisio to Castel San Pietro and discover the vineyards and its old towns. Stroll amid rows of vines, renowned for producing a refined Merlot. And let the magnificent panoramas amaze you.

Tur-by-turn: take via Giuseppe Motta, turn left on via Giuseppe Motta, straight on to  via Francesco Borella, in the U-turn take left on Piazzetta Achille Borella, on to via Pontico Virunio, corso Bello, turn left and cross on to via Nobili Torriani, turn right on via Carlo Croci, turn right on via Giuseppe Andreoni, turn left on to Via Generoso, climb the street until Via Stradone. Once above Mendrisio on Via Stradone find the pedestrian path and walk West to Castel San Pietro via the hamlet of Ronco and Obino. From Castel San Pietro, find the pedestrian path to the hamlet of Corteglia and walk down to Mendrisio train station.



  • Location: 20 minutes by train South of Lugano
  • Start: Mendrisio train station
  • Distance: 8 kilometers
  • Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (non stop)
  • Difference in levels: 225 meters upwards and 236 meters downwards
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • End: Mendrisio train station


Points of interest

  • Castel San Pietro: Breggia Gorge Park
  • Castel San Pietro: Chiesa Rossa (red church) and numerous other churches


Wine tasting places






On the Northern side of Mendrisio


*The list is not exhaustive