Loosen Bros. USA

Oregon City, OR, 米国


Loosen Bros. USA is the sole U.S. importer of the wines of celebrated Riesling producer Ernst (Erni) Loosen, including Dr. Loosen (in Germany’s Mosel valley) and J.L. Wolf (in the Pfalz). In addition to Erni’s wines, they now offer a select group of extraordinary wines made by good friends and relatives of Erni. Like Erni, these highly regarded producers are exceptional representatives of some of the world’s great wine regions. Their wines have expanded their portfolio to include other regions of Germany, as well as Switzerland and the United States.



「Swiss Fine Wine」は、複数のワイン専門家のリストを参考に厳選したスイスの最高級ワイナリーとワインについて、多言語でご紹介する総合的ウェブサイトです。スイスで、そして世界で、高級スイスワインの魅力に触れ、訪れ、味わい、料理との組み合わせを体験して下さい。