Club des Amateurs de Vins Exquis

Gland, 瑞士


The Club was founded in 1984 by Jacques Perrin. Initially an informal association of amateurs and enthusiasts from Switzerland, France and Germany, the CAVE now has nearly 10,000 members. For over twenty-five years, we have visited the vineyards around the world to bring the best wines to our members. A perpetual quest, exhilarating, often tedious, which ultimately results in the joy of discovering and the pleasure of sharing with our members. All the wines we offer go through two severe tastings, one at the property and the other in our local tasting premise.



Swiss Fine Wine網站專門收集有關瑞士最優秀的酒莊和他們出品的經專家鑑定認可的葡萄酒產品的信息。網站內容完整,可用多國語言同時訪問。通過這一平台,我們將與您一起發現和探索瑞士的葡萄園、品嚐瑞士以及世界上的各種葡萄美酒並學習如何將其與佳餚搭配。