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Walking through the vineyards of Milvignes (Neuchâtel)

Milvignes is now the largest winegrowing commune in canton of Neuchâtel, with 145 hectares of vines. Overlooking the vineyards, this walk offers stunning views of Lake Neuchâtel and of the Mont Vully in clear weather.

Location: 6 minutes by train South West from Neuchâtel, start: Auvernier tram "littoral" stop or train station, end: Colombier train station, distance: 4.4 km, duration: 1 hour 20 minutes, difference in levels: 148 meters upwards and 94 meters downwards, difficulty: easy walk

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Walking through the vineyards of Entre-deux-Lac (Neuchâtel)

From Neuville to Cressier, you will pass through beautiful vineyards and picturesque villages with a warm ambience. With a vineyard of over 50 hectares, Cressier is the fifth largest wine-growing municipalities in the canton of Neuchâtel. Very pleasant and without particular difficulty, the ride will let you enjoy the sun, offers stunning views of Lake Biel and sets condition for a wine tasting on arrival!

Location: 15 minutes by train North East from Neuchâtel, start: La Neuveville train station, end: Cressier NE train station, distance : 6 kilometers, duration : 1 hour 30 minutes, difference in levels: 73 meters upwards and 45 meters downwards, difficulty : easy walk

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Walking through the vineyards of Saillon (Valais)

This walk takes you into the legend of Farinet, the famous counterfeiter who was buried in the village of Saillon. Called the Robin Hood of the Alps, he was figured as a benefactor of the poor and as a hero for the Valais folk. You will discover the wolrd’s smallest vineyard registered, located above the village, with only three vine stocks.

Location: 24 minutes by bus North-East from Martigny, start: Saillon, Place Farinet, end: Saillon, Place Farinet, distance: 8 kilometers, duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes (non stop), difference in levels: 419 meters upwards and downwards, difficulty: moderate

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Walking through the vineyards of Bonvillars (Vaud)

Small appellation of the Nord Vaudois region, Bonvillars includes some 190 hectares of vineyards around the towns of Yverdon and Grandson. This educational trail on the theme of the vine, the vineyard and the wine is the perfect opportunity to discover the wine heritage of this region. A stroll through the harmonious landscapes, on the idyllic shores of Lake Neuchâtel.

Situation : 20 minutes by bus from Yverdon or 10 minutes from Grandson, start: Bonvillars, La Cour, end: Bonvillars, La Cour, distance: 2.6 kilometers, duration: 50 minutes, difference in levels: 60 meters upwards and downwards, difficulty : easy walk


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Walking through the Mendrisiotto vineyards (Ticino)

The Mendrisiotto is the southernmost vineyard of Switzerland. Take a tour of the hills above Mendrisio to Castel San Pietro and discover the vineyards and its old towns. Stroll amid rows of vines, renowned for producing a refined Merlot. And let the magnificent panoramas amaze you.

Location: 20 minutes by train South of Lugano, start: Mendrisio train station, end: Mendrisio train station, distance : 8 km, duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (non stop), difference in levels : 225 meters upwards and 236 meters downwards, difficulty: moderate


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Walking through the Klettgau vineyards (Schaffhausen)

The Klettgau region is located on the Northern border of Switzerland, 10 kilometers West from the famous Rheinfall and the city of Schaffhausen. This walk takes place in beautiful vineyards surrounded with round hills, in a quiet and rustic area. The villages crossed are an invitation to relax and contemplate the panorama of the largest wine region in Northern Switzerland.

Location 15 minutes by train West from Schaffhausen, start: Neunkirch train station, end: Wilchingen-Hallau train station, distance: 9.5 km, duration: 2 hours 30 minutes, difference in levels: 102 meters upwards and 116 meters downwards, difficulty: easy walk


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Walking through the Bielersee vineyards (Biel)

The Bielersee is one of our hidden gems, the vineyard path runs through a beautiful landscape, between Twann and the heights of Ligerz. Along the way, on a clear day, you will enjoy a stunning view of the Bernese Alps. The dominant grapes in this region are Chasselas and Pinot Noir and you will find a couple of places to taste them along the way.

Situation: 7 minutes by train from Biel or 20 minutes by train from Neuchâtel, start: Twann train station, ends: Ligerz train station, distance: 2.6 km, duration: 50 minutes (non stop), difference in levels: 105 meters upwards and 103 meters downwards, difficulty: easy walk

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Walking through the vineyards of Vully (Murten-Fribourg) (17)

This hike through exquisite, charming countryside is at its best during the height of the grape harvest at Murtensee (Lake Murten), in September and October. The fall foliage has already begun to slowly change color, the cheerful tones of the grape harvesters ring out everywhere from under the vines, the view is clear and you can see all the way to the Alps. Experience this unique circular hike and round it off preferably with a wonderful fish delicacy in one of the numerous restaurants at the lake.

Localisation: 15 minutes by train from Neuchatel or 35 minutes by train from Fribourg, start: Sugiez train station, ends: Môtier pier, distance: 5 km, duration: 1 hour 30 minutes, difference in levels: 92 meters upwards and 99 meters downwards, difficulty: easy walk


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Walking through the vineyards of Visperterminen (Valais)

The new route of the Heidaweg in Visperterminen is synonymous with exceptional hike through the highest vineyard in Switzerland! The trail is dotted with 40 panels providing detailed information on Visperterminen, its culture and its vineyards. The first part of the hike leads you to the old town of Visp in Bächji. You can take the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view over the vineyards. From Bächji you will reach Oberstalden. Do not hesitate to make a small detour to Unterstalden to visit the St-Jodern cellars and taste wine.

Location: 1 hour by train from Bern or 1 hour 30 minutes by train from Lausanne, start: Viège train station, end: Oberstalden, distance: 6 km, duration: 2 hours 20 minutes, difference in levels: 403 meters upwards and 49 meters downwards, difficulty: middle walk


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Walking in the Vétroz vineyards - The Amigne walk (Valais)

A loop that starts from the Place du Four in Vétroz. Along nearly 2.5 km, the path describes a loop on the hillside and is connected at its bottom to the Wine path. All along the route, nine strategically placed terminals can discover many themes related to the vineyard, but also soil, flora or fauna of the place.

Localisation: 15 minutes by bus from Sion or 45 minutes by bus from Martigny, starts : Vétroz, ends: Vétroz, distance : 3.5 km, duration: 1 hour (non stop), difference in levels: 144 meters upwards and downwards, difficulty: easy walk


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