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1870 Vins & Conseil

Monthey - 瓦莱州下游, 瓦莱州 (Valais)

Sommelier Consultant, Trade and direct import from wine estates

3 Fische

Lüscherz - 伯尔尼(比尔湖), 三湖泊区 (Three lakes)

Since 1974 Madeleine and Hans Jörg Girsberger run this lovely restaurant whose specialty is fish and over the years they have managed to make this restaurant a prime gastronomic place in the Zealand.

67 Pall Mall

London - 英国

67 Pall Mall has been transformed from a former banking hall into a sophisticated 21st Century Club with a wealth of facilities for the oenophile. With its long history as the centre of fine wine in the United Kingdom, St. James’s now fittingly has a clubhouse where the world’s best wines are enjoyed and better understood by a select and …

A la Vieille Auberge

Valeyres-sous-Rances - 邦维拉尔(Bonvillars), 沃州 (Vaud)

In this historic classified building, you'll be able to eat, either on the Café side or to taste a more sophisticated cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. Eric, the chef, offers refined local dishes while respecting the nature and origin of the product. Myriam, head of the room, will welcome you and listen to your expectations.

A.O.C. & Cie

Montréal (Québec) - 加拿大

AOC & Cie represents the interests of wine producers around the world on the vast territory of the Quebec’s province. Founded in 1989 by Pierre Pors, the agency is now run by two of his children. They perpetuate the values: Continuity, Tradition and Evolution. Their goal: to boost their wines and spirits with key influencers that are the wine …


Hallau (SH) - 沙夫豪森, 瑞士东部地区 (Eastern Switzerland)

Gysel Stefan, Saxer Nadine
Gysel Stefan, Saxer Nadine
Aagne, which means "Own" in the dialect of the region, is a family business where several generations share their knowledge of the vine. Two family members, Stephan and Nadine Gysel, were recognized as "Winemaker of the Year 2009" by the Swiss Wine Grand Prize.

Aberdeen Marina Club

Hong Kong - 香港

La Cave offers both retail and dining in a contemporary and private setting. A large selection of wines will be available both by bottle and by the case, and competitively priced. The fine wine selection will cover all major wine regions but show a strong focus on French and Italian wines. There will always be attractive promotions and …

Addy Bassin’s MacArthur Beverages

Washington, DC - 美国

Addy Bassin’s MacArthur Beverages is Washington DC's leading retailer and importer of fine wines and spirits. Over the years they have garnered the reputation as one of America’s best wine merchants by importing wines directly from Europe and reselling them to private clients throughout the United States and the world.

Adler (Restaurant)

Fläsch - 格劳宾登州, 瑞士东部地区 (Eastern Switzerland)

The gourmet restaurant Adler in Fläsch with its cozy atmosphere is a charming house with timeless charm. While it has been known for its own wine and dried meat in the 1960s, the restaurant has become a popular meeting place for gourmets and wine lovers of Graubünden, eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


Genestrerio - Sottoceneri, 提契诺州 (Ticino)

Perler, Meinrad C.
Pelossi, Sacha
庄园坐落在提契诺州南部 Arzo(阿尔佐)和 Genestrerio(杰内斯特雷里奥)两个小镇中间。庄园生意兴隆,与充满个人魅力的庄园重建者 Peter Meinrad(彼得·迈因拉德)及其团结进取的团队密不可分。庄园在另一个古老庄园 “Tenimentodell'Ör” 葡萄园的部分基础上建立,现已焕然一新并全面采用现代化设备。庄园目前提供多种本地葡萄酒,从特性鲜明的葡萄酒到混合型珍品,应有尽有。庄园还拥有四个葡萄种植研究园,葡萄品种达 600 多种,在欧洲名列前茅。

Al Quirinale

Lugano - Sottoceneri, 提契诺州 (Ticino)

At the Quirinale you are welcomed by Antonietta, Roberto and Chief Corrado Parisi. Elegant and pleasant place where tradition blends with innovation to surprise you.

Alcotrade Trust Inc.

Tokyo - 日本

Enjoy their vintage Wine Selection of 200 years of the world's best wines and delicious direct-imported wines from Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, California, New Zealand and Australia. Wines available in Japan with overnight delivery, directly to your table.


Givisiez - 弗里堡(威邑-穆尔藤湖), 三湖泊区 (Three lakes)

Alloboissons SA specializes in the delivery of all drinks. They also deliver good professional catering, hotel business, food stores as private households, workplaces, associations etc.


Wilderswil - 伯尔尼, 瑞士东部地区 (Eastern Switzerland)

Hotel Alpenblick is the perfect starting point to discover one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland. Every stay becomes a pure joy thanks to the warmth and comfort of their 400-year-old Bernese Oberland house and the quality of their multiple-award winning cuisine. A variety of different room categories await the guests: from small and …


Zürich - 苏黎世, 瑞士东部地区 (Eastern Switzerland)

If you want the real, non-touristy Swiss food experience, come to the Alpenrose. The food is completely local and the wine list is entirely Swiss. Strip the Swiss cuisine from all its cheesiness and cheese - and this is what you get. The Alpenrose has been offering original Swiss dishes from all regions and with only local produce since the …



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